Updates Galore

Hey all, Happy New Year and other such well-wishes. I managed to get quite a few pictures and videos uploaded, even though it's tremendously difficult to accomplish while a toddler crawls in your lap yelling "Jessie? Papa? Jojo? Elmo!"

If you didn't see our fun snowstorm pictures, Jessie uploaded them onto her site (which I quite appreciate).

Here are some more links from the Scavia Xmas invasion:

I just wanted to thank everyone again for coming down to DE. We're not the simplest family to negotiate a trip with, and I am pretty stubborn about having AJ here in DE with us on Christmas morning. The "Christmas-Come-Early" with the Scavias, the "Snowpocalypse" with the Kerns, and Christmas weekend with the Mullins family made this December one of the most fun and festive holiday seasons I can ever remember.


Sarah said...

this monster face was a finalist for the xmas card, but for those that don't see him often, we wanted to show off a smile :)