Throwing rocks at the dog park

This weekend in Turners, AJ spent hours throwing all sorts of stuff into the baby pool in the backyard. Its set up for the dogs (and its quite disgusting), but that didn't stop Aidan from gravitating towards it every time he set foot outside. 

Since it was so beautiful tonight, we spent about an hour throwing pebbles into the pond, saying "gah hwah" (good throw) and "duh-gee" (doggie). We met quite a few "duhgees" while we were there. We watched some dive into the water and swim, and we got to pet a few. We even said "gwack" to a few ducks that we saw.

Everyone is asking about the pictures from this weekend, and there are a TON. I like to get them all cleaned up before I post them; I should be done tonight or tomorrow.

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Kristin Mullins said...

I can't wait to come invade your house sometime this summer. I have no idea when you are available, or when I can come, but just know that I am coming!!