The Iceman Cometh

I have a whole lot of things I want to write about, but the morning double-dip of pain meds to combat overnight knee stiffness has left me a bit sluggish. So, I will retreat to the safety of my favorite lazy blogger crutch, bulleted points.
  • AJ had another seizure this past weekend, but part of the reason that you may be reading about it for the first time only now is that it was really very minor. The seizure pad we have in his crib alerted us right away, we gave the Diastat and the seizure was stopped in under 5 minutes. The little guy had a pretty high temperature, meaning that the seizure was fever-induced. We dutifully went to the hospital, but they just observed the Champ and sent us home with a perscription for Ativan (basically a preventative version of Diastat). Sarah later spoke with Dr. Bean, Aidan's neurologist, and he agreed that if Diastat stops a seizure at home and Aidan is stable, we can avoid ER trips, which is fantastic news. He was also really excited about this seizure because it was the 3rd consecutive seizure that was secondary to some other illness, and they are getting shorter. The scarier syndromes that we were on the lookout for would involve more unprovoked seizures that lasted longer and got harder to control, so all in all this cloud had a lot of silver linings.

  • I feel like Marc Summers these days. Obscure reference? He was the host of Double Dare of course. "So, Grandma Ellen, you've made it here to Delaware to help Mike out after his surgery, now will you take the physical challenge? Mike is going to be completely out of it for the better part of three days and wont be much help at all with AJ. Then after Mike bounces back a bit, your grandson will have a febrile seizure at midnightthe night before you have to fly home. GO!"  
    As far as contestants go, Gramma Ellen was fantastic. She drew the toughest assignment since it was my first week after surgery and I really was useless, and having to watch AJ go through a seizure is no fun (and unfortunately, all too familiar). Sarah and I are very lucky that she was willing to come down, and we are more than thankful.

  • "The next contestant on Double Dare? Aunt Kristin! Will you take the physical challenge? The night before you arrived, AJ spiked a fever and he will be febrile and cranky for days. Sarah is working late for three days in the beginning of the week, and Mike has PT and doctor's appointments. Ready? GO!"
    Once again, K proved to be a worthy contestant and the little guy took great solace in her presence while he was feeling crummy. Many of his waking hours were spent snuggled with Aunt K, and she also did many of the meals, tubbies, and bedtimes. He's finally showing signs of feeling better, so I really hope the latter half of the week Kris gets to see how fun AJ can be. Don't get me wrong, we have had some fun and a good number of laughs already, but I want to have a full day of romping around with the two of them.

  • The knee rehab is going ok, but it has its ups and downs. Physical therapy has been fairly successful so far, and my range of motion is good, but swelling remains a (painful) problem. During my post-op visit with my surgeon, he expressed a bit of dismay at the amount of swelling and actually aspirated 70 cc's of fluid from the knee. That provided such a huge relief, but it was unfortunately fleeting because the swelling has returned. I'm still spending a good amount of time with the knee iced and elevated, and not a lot of time being able to sleep. Overall its not as bad as it may sound because I am able to walk without crutches, the new ACL is very sturdy, and the hamstring has only been minimally sore. Thanks for all of your calls, cards, and well-wishes!

  • Jessie has finally accepted the reality that Google will eventually run every aspect of our lives and put up some galleries on Picasa. I added the link to the "Kids Are Us" list in the sidebar, but you may also get there by clicking  --> here

Thats about it I guess. Oh, there are a few new pictures in the AJ  gallery. Ive bee adding them a few at a time because we ordered a bunch of prints from Snapfish. If any of you collect Coke points, or drink Coke and currently toss out your codes, free Snapfish prints are one of our favorite rewards on there. 

Time to go refill the iceman...