Update on the Champ

A lot of you guys are writing to ask whats new with AJ. Well first and foremost, I put a bunch of new pictures up, some of them are great! Also today, he figured out how to work himself up to a sitting position. He starts on his stomach and gets up on all 4's, then scootches his butt back until he sort of catches up with his feet and lo and behold - he's sitting up!

I spend the better part of my day picking him up off of the tile and putting him back on the blankets I have laid out for him. Its almost like a new workout regimen I have going. I just cant imagine him getting more mobile.

The other bit of news I wanted to share is that AJ is having some staring spells. Nothing approaching a scary seizure, but he will sort of "check out" for 20-30 seconds. He will blink, even look around, and he can respond to you a bit. But he's clearly having some sort of event, and you can see him visibly snap out of it when its over. His neurologist didn't seem too concerned - we just tinkered with his medication dose a bit and kept our same office visit appointment. I know this isn't particularly pleasant news, but I wanted to let you guys know. You shouldn't worry too much - like I said he is super rambunctious and he feels great. We will keep a watchful eye on him and keep you informed.