Good Times @ Embry

My morning started out with this little guy eating a banana-applesauce-yogurt smoothie, and since he was still griping for more food, I gave him a teething cookie. If you've seen the previous pictures you know how messy this can be - but today he took it to new heights. It took several minutes in the tub to get the cookie out of his eyebrows.

Faced with the Cookie Monster I let Mom take over Aidan duty and I attacked the yard. I made a few passes over the lawn with the electric mower that Sarah's dad gave us, but after 4 years in storage, its battery hasnt exactly sprung back to life yet. However, a neighbor across the way heard the mower winding down over and over and offered to loan me his. It was a really cool moment because it made me feel like a part of the neighborhood. I mowed as much as I could, but the neglected lawn ate another mower after completing the back yard. I busted out the newly purchased electric weed wacker to edge the sidewalks and trim the outrageously overgrown portions of the lawn. I even pulled weeds and fungi! The end result is a yard that looks as if someone lives there, even though I still need to mow the rest of it.

Oh, I squeezed in a trip to Zingos (our closest supermarket) because they were having some good specials, and I hit up the redbox on the way out for the first time. A one night rental for $1.02 and no hassle? Superb. The movie itself? I rented "21" and it was decent.

This post is long enough, so the last thing I will do is direct you to a new gallery. The photos should speak for themselves, enjoy!


Kristin Mullins said...

I am so glad to read that that little guys is up to his cute little antics. He looks so cute in this picture, so accomplished! I am also glad to hear that you are enjoying your new home. Stinks about the lawnmower, but your neighbors seem to be looking out for you!!! : ) Thanks for the updates, I look forward to them everyday!
Love you!! : )

14 said...

I am glad to be back on a good schedule so I can update. Did you think about a time in August to come squeeze your cookie monster nephew?

Kristin Mullins said...

I wanted to come and even talked to Mom about it, but there is something every weekend until Disney. So.... I just have to wait. I am so bummed. I love the Baby Death Match. How fun it must have been to see AJ with two buddies. So cute.