Our Boy

We got to unhook AJ and give him a tubbie. He's going for an MRI - and we get to carry him down to it. Sounds like he'll get put back on the EEG whe he's done, and we'll be here overnight again.
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14 said...

The Champ did so well! We were able to snuggle him until he had to go down for the procedure. He even fell asleep with me on the couch and then slept all the way to the procedure room. He had to be sedated since he is too much of a Wgglesaurus to stay still for the whole MRI. He came out of the sedation just fine and he had his first ever apple juice in the recovery room. Now we are back upstairs with one major hurdle out of the way, getting ready to get hooked back up to the EEG. Love you all!