Fantastic News

The Doc just came back with some amazing news. AJ's EEG and MRI are normal. This is literally the best possible news we could have gotten. She was also saying that 60-70% of kids that have a seizure never have another one. Please do join me in a fist pump and a "woo-hoo!"

So, what now? First of all, he is in a great mood. He is wooing nurses with his smiles and flirty looks, and wowing them with his activity level. They also changed his IV from his hand to his foot, so now the Master of Disaster has two free hands again, and he is making full use of them. The bad news is that we will be here until Friday. All of his bacterial studies have come back negative, but they only take 48 hours. We are waiting for the viral studies, which have actually become the leading candidate for the cause of this thing. After thinking about the timetable and taking stock of everything we realized he had some diarrhea before the seizure, and he has continued to produce what I've dubbed "pond water" ever since. Who knows though, the amount of IV fluid he's gotten may be contributing a little bit.

Right now AJ is all hooked up to the EEG again since 48 hours really rules out any abnormalities and he is smiling and playing as if to tell us that nothing is wrong.

Thank you all for your well wishes. The best way to reach us remains our email addresses, or the comments section of these posts. I also want to use this space to thank Jessie, Phil, and Naitsabes Duxberry for visiting us and bringing us food and fresh clothes. I know that we couldn't keep them away if we tried, so I guess I should really just thank them for being such great people.

Love you all,
Mike, Sarah and Aidan


Rose said...

Glad to hear everything is coming back clear and that everyone is in high spirits! I'll keep up the prayers!-Rose

14 said...

Thanks so much Rose, it means a lot to know you guys are all checking up on us. :-)

Brian said...

Go Aidan! We knew that kid was invincible...

And, since he's invincible and he's, proportionally, the Andre the Giant of 5month olds, I will start to campaign that his inevitable wrestling moniker should be "The Master of Disaster" - good name, pops

What time are you guys making it back on Friday? Amanda and I wanted to bring you guys a huge dish of baked ziti, but we just needed to know on Friday when you'll be back.