Sorry for the lack of updates, its been a bit crazy at the DDC.

We had a potty training adventure that went very well; AJ is basically accident-free and Hannah does a great job too.

We visited the Kerns last weekend and went to a fantastic event put on by the Kiwanis of DC. There were animals to pet (including a zebu!), pony rides, a little train, and a bounce house. The best part was there weren't a lot of kids there, so you could basically do what you wanted, when you wanted. AJ rode the train 6 consecutive times and Alexander basically lived in the bounce house.

The next big event was a weekend away at the beach for Dr. Mom and me. Jojo, Kris, and Evry (or E-O if you ask Hannah) came down to play. Our time away was amazing and the kids did great except for one small mishap. AJ was trying to step into the baby pool, and he kicked the side quite hard. Skipping to the punchline, he has a "buckle" fracture in his 1st metatarsal (small bones of the foot, behind the toes). They opted not to cast or boot him; we just have to try to keep him in firm-soled shoes and limit his use as much as a 4.5 year old allows. Luckily he can get around enough to go to school, around which his little world revolves. Just about nothing makes him as happy as the prospect of going to school.

So, hopefully things settle down a bit and I can get pictures & vids posted etc. Hope everyone is having a good summer so far!