Oh, Behave!

Quick bit of info about the recent tweets.

The whole family went to see a behavioral psychologist at AI last week, and we addressed AJ's OCD tendencies. The main focus, for now, is on how his tendencies get in the way of otherwise fun for both him and Hannah. Just like with adults and phobias (or OCD), confrontation seems to be the approach of choice. Germophobe? Lick a toilet seat. Arachibutyrophobia? Have an open-faced peanut butter sandwich.In AJ's case, we are working on two specific things: 1) Playing outside and 2) Sharing toys after dinner. Both are contained, attainable goals, and they will dovetail into larger goals as well.

1) AJ used to love bubbles and sidewalk chalk, but now the bubbles must remain grouped together on top of the shelf in the garage, and the chalk bins are stacked below them. So, every day after nap time, we go outside and "play." Hannah and I draw with chalk and blow bubbles, and AJ wails the entire time. The thought is that with time he will accept that its ok for them to be out of place.

2) Pretty straightforward - we make AJ and Hannah play side by side, and prompt sharing of "sacred" toys. (The list of such toys includes 89% of the toys in the house, even Hannah's)

So, bear with out updates about tantrums. Both kids are actually doing great. I did say BOTH, AJ just bopped up the sidewalk singing "Good job on the bus today" and then ran in to tell Hannah he was home and hugged her. Its just that this particular project at my job kinda sucks..