What's New?

First of all, the recent increase in picture frequency and the somewhat cryptic comment about Kris giving me one free pass has to do with our photo contest. We each have to post a picture every day (on our blogs, Twitter, google+) and the first person to miss a day loses. The wager? I'd have to send her some Sweet and Sassy Cupcakes, and she'd owe me a box of Hope's Cookies. The way I see it, the real winners are you, the fine readers of Life at the DDC and I Want Dessert.

Also, as some of you may know, the Mullins family has recently begun to extend our reach in social media outlets. In the sidebar you will see my Twitter feed (DDC Staff), but also Mom, AJ, and Hannah (CEO and clients). This way, those of you not fond of Teh Twitterz can still see what we have to say.

Lastly, I changed the links because many of the galleries of friends and kids were either broken or no longer being updated. Instead, you can link to my picasa site, youtube channel, and google + page. I am not sure how far G+ will go, and I probably wont post on it much, but it instantly uploads photos from your phone, making sharing super easy. Kris, I think the 270 phone pics I posted should cover today's photo requirement?

AJ Update is coming soon. We've changed his keto diet ratio, done some more labs, and have a meet with Dr. Bean on 8/8. Expect a post then.

Love ya!