He likes to move it

Two big news items:

1) AJ was getting generic Topamax in the hospital every day he was admited (which includes the 4 days last week). We were on the evening news when AJ got generic meds and had a seizure, yet here we are in the hospital with an epilepsy kid getting generics. The silver lining is that all of the scary new things this kid has been doing could be a byproduct of this snafu.

2) AJ has responded really well to his now-theraputic doses of his new medicine. He's walking, talking, giggling, and cruising for a timeout already. We should be home tomorrow at the latest.

I'll be sure to hug him for you! 


Anonymous said...

Your post made my day - I am sitting at my desk with tears in my eyes feeling so relieved and happy for you. Hugs to your whole family - especially the little guy.


Ellen said...

I'm furious that the hospital would miss that generic drug issue....their suppose to make him better not worse!!

Kristin Mullins said...

I'm shocked. That is awful to think they would overlook that. I am thrilled he is home and happy. It was amazing to hear his little giggly voice tonight. I live you guys!!! xoxoxo