Play cars Daddy?

What started as a distraction for AJ so I could feed Hannah with one hand and put cars on the track with the other has turned into a full-fledged obsession. No matter what I propose to AJ - books, goldfish ball, outside - his face lights up and he says "Play cars?!"  This is track version 5 or 6, because after around an hour he'll say "New track 'gain?"  Its a lot of fun.

I'm coming out from under this 2-week cloud of sickness that my kids and I have shared, so I will hopefully be more prolific with Twitter, posts, and pictures. Let me take a second to thank the Kerns and Grandma and Grandpa Scavia for their help & patience while I slept in a mucus cocoon for the entirety of their visit. I wish I could have spent some more time with you guys. I also have to thank Jojo for extending her weekend visit on both ends to help out the ailing DDC staff. Its really nice to know that even though family is far away, its still there.

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mom said...

Wow! Where was this when I was there?