Fall photos

I added some photos to a new gallery, 10/10. I think I'll try to group all the uploaded photos by month to make things easier (on me) unless there's a big event or something. Also, some time when AJ isnt yelling "Sesame Street" I will upload all the photos on my phone. Thats where a lot of the first pictures of Hannah are.

I also wanted to take a little time to recognize a pretty amazing guy; In some circles he's known as Rednaxela Naitsabes Duxberry. AJ calls him "Ahzendo," but he's best known as Alexander, the best cousin anyone could ask for. AJ really loves Alexander, and he's forever chasing him, climbing on him, or emulating him. Not only has Zander shown great patience with his exuberant cousin, he's also learned some tricks to help calm him down when he's upset (like whispering "Hey, hey, hey.." which AJ then whispers back) and he's invented some games that AJ loves. In one silly game AJ pretends to cough and Alexander responds with "Youuuuu faker faker!" and they both laugh and laugh. Zander also has taught him a lot of words and helped him with his pronunciation by playing "Can you say ________ ." His little cuz loves it because his hero is playing with him, and he also gets to feel proud and happy when we applaud his efforts."

Specifically, I want to mention Alexander's generosity. He has volunteered to pass many of his toys on to AJ, and in doing so he's helped AJ to learn so much. The electronic alphabets he gave us are the biggest reason that Aidan is so adept with letters and phonics. This past weekend Alexander gave us a cash register with different color keys and coins, and AJ's grasp on colors took a big leap forward in just a few days. Big cuz has also given away some of his books (Uncle Mike loves that Alexander has so many books!) including one of AJ favorites (Sam's Fire Truck) and some specifically for Hannah.

Alexander, if you are reading this I wanted to thank you again for being such an amazing cousin. It is one of the many reasons that your Aunt Sarah and I are so proud of you. We love ya buddy!


Ellen said...

Jess/Phil what did Alexander say when he heard this?