Toddler Adventures

I thought after the rapid-fire texts I was sending to the website and to Sarah all day that I should put up a post about AJ's toddler class at the Y. Sarah and I have been looking for some opportunities to get AJ a bit more socialized (since all of life's problems can't be solved by either wrestling Daddy or kissing him on the nose). We also felt it was important to start any class we found before Hannah arrived so AJ didnt feel like we were getting rid of him. We want it to be a special thing he gets to do, and that way we can continue it once he becomes an older brother; he gets some 1-on-1 parent time and some play time away from the new addition.

Toddler Adventures meets 3 x a week from 10-11, and they play games, sing songs, have a snack and even do crafts. Day one was a controlled catastrophe - several kids were crying like they were being stretched on the rack, and everyone else had a confused "is this really ok?" face on (including AJ). By day three there was a calamitous but very short drop-off period and then the fun started. Today's craft was a picnic basket made out of a paper bag and stamped with different animals, and the song that stole the show was the Hokey Pokey. Apparently that is what its all about.

AJ really seems to love "school," and he waved goodbye with a big smile to all of his teachers. We're going to sign AJ up for sessions 2 and 3, so hopefully some of you will get to come along and see him do his thing.


Kristin Mullins said...

How cute. AJ going to school. I love it!! Let's Skype soon. I have the school comp for the summer !! Love u guys!