New water table

I wanted to add a bit more info about AJ's newest addiction; this is a ring bearer gift from Aunt Kristin. She sent it early so we could use it to beat the summer heat. Here are AJ's newly created games.

"Whoah, see that?!"  (pictured above)
First, the champ lines up the squirt toys that came with the table on the top of the "iceberg." Each animal is placed in the same spot, in the same position each time. After careful reflection, AJ grabs one of the toys, throws it in the water to make a big splash, then turns to me and says "Whoah! See that?!"

Since we're always asking AJ to identify things, he quickly learned to say "What's that?" himself. When he gets excited, he'll rattle off several questions in a row and provide all of the answers. An audio transcript of this game sounds like this:
    "Whassatpenguin *splash* whassatwawus *splash* whassatpo-bear *splash* Good job buddy!"
Yes, after throwing the penguin, walrus, and polar bear in the water he says "Good job buddy" to himself.

"Ha ha! Uh-oh...."
This game is fairly simple. Splash daddy and laugh. Daddy pretends to be surprised so you say "Uh-oh" with a huge smile on your face. Repeat. Eventually, say "More water, pweeeeeease?"

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Ellen said...

Oh, boy! I can't wait to play with it.

Sarah said...

Mike and I have discovered that only the penguins, walrus and polar bear are allowed in the arctic water table. Octopus and dolphin are only allowed to watch, per AJ.

Kristin Mullins said...

Videos please :-)

Don Scavia said...

Well, of course only the penguins, walrus, and polar bear are allowed. It is an ARCTIC water table! He knows that :)