Post-Op Report

I went back under the knife yesterday to have a ~50mm screw removed from the most-recently repaired ACL. As it turns out, the large protrusion under my surgery scar was not the screw backing out as we thought, but a big bony growth. I guess that somehow the screw stimulated the bone over it to make what was virtually a small spike, which would explain why I haven't been able to kneel without pain for a while.

As a result, I am a bit laid up today, but nothing on the scale of the ACL surgery. I can walk fairly easily, and I can bend and flex my knee, I am just fairly sore. As a thank you to everyone for asking about how I was doing, I did not include a picture of the surgery site. You're welcome.

Check back in later this evening, hopefully we will have some shots of Mom, Grandma Ellen and AJ on an Easter egg hunt at the park.


Kristin Mullins said...

Glad you are doing ok. Love you!!

Sarah said...

mike on pain medicine = hilarious