YouTube Channel

Hey AJ fans!

I edited and posted the first set of videos to YouTube using the iFlip camera. The software that the camera uses is very impressive; editing and sharing videos is super easy. I'd recommend the iFlip for any casual user who wants to take and share videos. Thanks again Aunt K, even though I know you just got me this so you could see more of AJ, I still love it. :-)

I added the widget on the right so that you can watch videos from my channel without leaving this website, but you can also find the videos on my youtube channel. I am going to try to add at least one video a week, and feel free to "gently remind" me if I haven't done so. (I'm looking at you here, Aunt Jessie and Aunt K)


Sarah said...

Aidan asks to see the applesauce video frequently. I think he likes that he gets lots of praise for getting the placemat items right, and does some of the best applesauce eating we've seen yet!