Picasa update

*EDIT* Videos posted.

I know its been a while since I updated pictures, but anyone who has spent any time with this little guy can tell you that I have a decent excuse. Here is the link to the 18M+ gallery. There are around 40 pictures in there so far, but I am going to add the ones that Grandma Ellen sent recently, and I have quite a few videos to trim down to upload size and post.

Speaking of videos, Aunt K gave me a great gift for my birthday, the iFlip camera. Its super easy to use, and it records 2 hours of HD video. Once I get all of the other videos edited and uploaded, I will tell you my plans for the iFlip. I promise not to let still photos go by the wayside, but the wiggling 21 month old is getting harder to photograph.


Kristin Mullins said...

Love all the new pics!! Thanks for posting!

jess said...

yes as co-chair of the Aidan fan club . . . we appreciate the new pictures!