Beach Bash

Sarah, Peanut and I had an amazing time at the beach today. AJ took off running as soon as his feet hit the sand, chasing seagulls while saying "Hi guy!" over and over. He also ran boldly into the surf and got knocked on his duff, coming up giggles. This is a total reversal from last time when he seemed a bit intimidated by the water. Ironic, really, because today's waves were much bigger, and I have gashes along my entire forearm from body surfing to prove it.

The best thing about today was how social the Champ was. He found a few kids his age to push some sand around with, but there were several older kids that were just eating Aidan up.

"Hey AJ, say 'applesauce' again!"
"AJ, what does an elephant say?"
"AJ, look, I made a pool of water for you!"
"Why does AJ say 'buh-dee' instead of 'ribbit?' Thats silly."

It was a wonderful, wonderful day. Here is a little snippet of the giggling surf-jumper.