'Aidan's' new blocks from Aunt K

I feel that its my fatherly duty to investigate the creative potential that each new toy has. By combining the new foam blocks with the Wedgits, I was able to construct this rather colorful edifice.

In other news:
  • The deck is done, sort of. After contacting the Deck Guy about the pinstriped appearance of our deck, he told me that "sometimes it's hard for us to get in between the boards." First of all, I know its difficult; that is precisely why I decided to pay someone else to do it. Second, there is a drastic difference between something being difficult, and something never even being attempted. Upon further inspection, it became quite obvious that there was no attempt to stain in between the boards.

  • AJ has picked up a lot of new words such as "bee" and "bzzz," he's building things 5 or 6 blocks high, he's going up and down stairs standing up (with some help), and he's learned to say "yeah" and "no" to tell us what he wants. Technically, he says "No." and "Yeah! Yea-yea-YEAH! Y-y-y-yeah!" so his point is sure to get across.

  • Dr. Mom has been at Stoney Batter Family Medicine for over a year now, can you believe it? She also got a raise of sorts, being designated as the only practitioner in the practice to do joint injection procedures. This came about as an artifact of a practice-wide insurance hike, but her appointment is a really nice responsibility given to her by her coworkers. Tell her you're proud of her, will ya? She doesnt really listen to me anymore.

  • Kris and Craig are headed here tonight, Grandma and Grandpa Scavia are coming the second week of August, and Gramma Jo is going to make her way down some time in August as well. We love having family around, and you are all going to love this little kiddo.

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Sarah said...

addendum: I am the only doc who will do the practice's trigger point injections above the shoulders :) Just to be clear...

Also, we had our first BBQ with all of our furniture out on the new deck--touched up by Mike-- and it looks great. Next up, watch for sunshade pictures.