Dad's Day

Quick summary of my awesome father's day thusfar:

1) New personal grooming kit - beard trimmer, etc. The reason its an appropriate Father's Day gift? Its got an ear and nose hair trimmer.

2) Three framed 8 x 10's - Sarah bought three great frames and hung them on the wall going up the stairs. She chose these three pictures.

3) Mommy let me chain together sleeping in and nap-bombing AJ. This is a near-paramount luxury.

4) Food, glorious food: there is brunch on the way and the grill is getting fired up later. Sweeeet.

5) Company! Phil, Jessie & Zander are here, and Jim and the little redhead are on the way. Plus Chris and Meghan might stop by to hang out when they drop off Sadie for me to dogsit. Everything is better with more people (and dogs!)

6) Gift from AJ - he learned a new skill today, drinking from a cup all on his own. Its a double gift because its the perfect pacifier removal tool.

7) Card from AJ - a googly-eyed monkey that he barely let out of his grasp long enough for the cashier to ring up. This was tucked in with my new hands-free headset for my phone.

As part of my Dad's day duties, I will post some of the pictures and videos that I have been lax on. They will round out the 1 year + gallery, and I'll start the 18 months one soon.