Do we have to go Dad?

This was our first trip as a family to the Y. We decided to join because they just finished this brand new aquatic complex with a heated outdoor pool (half roped off for lap swimming) and this great graduated entry pool with waterpark stuff (like Look park; buckets, fountains, etc). We also ran around the play room inside when we were all dried off so Mommy could finish working out. AJ was mostly interested in the other kids, but he did learn a new trick. He saw some kids climbing up on chairs to reach a box of Legos, and he immediately followed suit. He's always been a great climber, but I'm worried that he's going to figure out that its not all fun and games, it can help you reach stuff Daddy moved out of your reach!

Sunday is supposed to be 77 and sunny, and the Kerns are going to join us in the water. I am sure pictures will follow.

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Kristin Mullins said...

Awe peanut looks so bummed. Where are u guys? Looks like a nice day. We had rain all day. Xoxo

Scavia said...

I just found my new Desktop image!