I survived!

My first week alone with AJ and the reconstructed knee is over. I haven't really had time or energy to sit down and post because it has been more tiring than I thought it would be. One lucky thing is that AJ has gotten into a new nap pattern. He and I crash for about 2 hours mid-morning, and he gives me a break in the afternoon with a 45 minute crib nap. 

I already posted many pictures from Kris' visit, and some from when Gramma Jo was here, but I do want to take the time to thank the both of them again. You were a huge help, and everyone at 1 Embry is very grateful to you.

Starting here you can find a handful of new pictures from this week. I also want to post the ones Mom took on her camera, and I have another phone download due soon.

Now, its time to make this great day of hoop (Duke = ACC Champs) even better (Selection Special in 20 minutes). I love March!!