State of the Union

First things first, new pictures are here. Even if  you've seen the birthday and Christmas pictures, I added some really fun stuff from our play date with Ali, Justina, and Simeon today. 

Update on the ACL, the surgery date is Friday the 13th. I am 100% serious. If there is a Dr. Voorhes in the room when I go in, I am going to run out screaming. Correction, I am going to quickly limp away screaming.

As far as the DDC, with the daytime employee on the injured reserve, we had to contact some temps to fill in. Jessie may be able to spend the first weekend with Aidan and his pain-medicated dad, which will likely preserve Sarah's sanity. Ellen graciously volunteered to take the following week - and she already has a Mexican getaway planned for the week after that. I know Aidan and I are a handful, but I don't think you have to flee the country after a week with us... (Just kidding of course, hug Carol for us!)

Kris has her February break from school the next week, and Mom is taking week three. I hope those two ladies can overlap their stays a bit, but however it works out I am so grateful to all 3 AJ-squeezers. We literally couldn't get my knee fixed without them.

Thank you for everyone who called with well-wishes. Having gone through this once before we are being much more careful on the pre-surgery side of things, so I think everything will go much more smoothly. I will keep you updated.