What now peanut?

We are waiting to see Dr. Bean. AJ was entranced by a 7 yr old blonde girl who wanted to play with him. Now he's wandering around trying to decide what to play with (or destroy) next.
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Kristin Mullins said...

How did the Dr. Bean appointment go? Everything good to go? I love the picture,but he is too far away!! : ) I like to see that munchkin up close. He does have VERY cool things to play with though. I want to be a little one agaiN!!!!!
Love you guys.

Hahha my password was just moodyfun

14 said...

The appointment went well, Dr. Bean is really impressed with AJ. The goal for right now is to make sure the seizures are controlled, and that's been going great since my birthday.

I know the picture is far away, but I thought it was pretty cute anyways. ^_^

Kristin Mullins said...

It is very cute because that office is killer! Look at all those fun toys. No wonder he wandered down to the other side!!! : )