Quick Post

I am hard at work finishing up Nietzsche, but I wanted to put up a quick update. First of all, here are the new pictures. There are some videos in there too, and you may find yourselves arranging travel plans to visit after viewing them. You have been warned.

I also had to share a story with you from the birthday dinner we had for Sarah at Don Pablo's. AJ was in his chair, happily munching on Cheerios when our dip sampler arrived. The waiter cleared room for the appetizer plate and inadvertently pushed a bowl of salsa within striking distance of AJ. As Sarah, Sharon and I reached for our first warm tortillia dipped in queso, Aidan smacked the salsa bowl, dumping the entire contents on himself. The salsa was everywhere, including his arms, which allowed him to take a few greedy bites. He really liked it too!... until a few minutes later when the "hot" set in. He had a little red rash above his top lip and the tears started to come.

Luckily he didnt eat too much so it passed quickly, but we had a "we're bad parents" moment right there in the restaurant. The rest of the night went great and we got to see a lot of friends and a pair of very cute kids. I am so happy everyone came together to celebrate Sarah's birthday.

Next up for Aidan: Gramma Jo and Aunt K fight to see who plays with him next. They may never leave after getting their first Aidan kiss (go watch the vids).