Aidan in Charge

Is anyone else humming the Charles in Charge theme? No? Ok just me then.

I wanted to pop on and let you all know that AJ is doing great after his most recent trip to the hospital. Ive decided that I dont want to go into the details about any more trips because this site should be about the DDC, not AI Dupont.

When he came home he had a rough day because he was still trying to metabolize medications, but he's also suffering from a bigger plague: new teeth! Two more top row teeth have poked through and for a while he was none too happy about it. I think the worst is over (for now), and some new teething toys and cold cucumber slices seem to keep him quiet.

For those of you that haven't seen him for a while, you really would not believe how mobile he is. He is constantly hauling himself up onto two feet, and he's even ventured a few ill-fated steps along the couch or ottoman before falling. And crawling? What he does should have its own name because he's so fast. I've quite literally lost him a few times. (Don't tell Sarah ok?)

This weekend is Aunt Jessie's chance to get her hands on the Champ; the crew should be here tomorrow through the long weekend. I am sure some new pictures will make their way up onto the site after all of the revelry ^_^