Massive Update

I added 150+ pictures to the picasa site good people. Most of them are in the Phone Gallery, but there is a fairly spartan 6 month gallery, some pics of AJ's play date, and some from the Chicago trip.

I keep sitting down to write about AJ's recent trip to AI Dupont hospital, but to be honest its harder to do this time. Basically, he had another seizure and we game him some medication at home and called 911. He had an additional seizure the following night in the hospital that they stopped with medication. They repeated the EEG and MRI, and luckily found nothing (although its frustrating to not know the cause, thats the best possible result). Now, Aidan is on an anti-seizure medication that he hasnt really gotten used to yet - he's been pretty sedate. However, today my guy came around a bit and played for hours, and he is eating smoothies (yogurt, applesauce and rice cereal) like its going out of style.

Thank you all for your love and support.