AJ Appt

As some of you may know, the Champ had an appointment with his neurologist yesterday to discuss the staring spells, and he had yet another EEG beforehand. The day itself was very exhausting - two appointments in different hospitals with a little rambunctious ball of energy! Actually, I can't call him little, can you believe he's 21 lbs 11 oz? I guess it should be expected when I literally cant feed him solid foods fast enough.

As for the results, there was "one spike in his right temporal region" that Dr. Bean noticed on his EEG. What does that mean? Well Dr. Bean wasn't quite sure either, and he said that it was mostly unremarkable. So, with another normal (and therefore inconclusive) test, we are just on watchdog duty. If AJ has more spells we will increase his anti-seizure meds. However, he has not had one since Monday evening, so I am encouraged that his current dosage is good.

Aside from that I added new pictures and two incredible vids to the 6-7 month gallery, so check them out. I wish the vids were better quality, but then I would never get them uploaded!

Also, if you havent checked out 52 Books, please at least drop in and give me a book recommendation. Around 1/4 of the books I read will likely be your suggestions, so think about it and leave a comment for me.

Night all.