Title Town!

When you think of "Celtic Pride" in the 21st century, you have to think of Paul Pierce. I really couldn't be happier that he got his title, and that he snagged the (well-deserved) Finals MVP. But I chose the picture of KG because I have never been moved by watching another athlete like I was by KG this year. It was everything - the intensity on the court just weeks into a new season, the Bill Russell interview, the little quotes and tidbits you heard during the year, and finally, his reaction to his championship. By the way, why didn't someone grab Michelle Tafoya by the hair and drag her away from an emotional Garnett just trying to enjoy his moment? In any case, you could FEEL his elation and relief, and for those of you who turned to ESPN for the postgame interview, he "knocked the bully's ass out."

Gak brought this up as we celebrated over the phone (which we have had the great fortune of doing quite a bit, thanks Boston): have you ever seen a more dominant performance by an NBA team? They completely owned the Lakers on both ends of the floor. I know many people might refer back to the late 90's Bulls, and the 42 point win over the Jazz. But really? It was the Jazz, and they scored 56 points. The Celts hung 131 points on the Lakers, and held the NBA's best offensive team (108 ppg) to 92 points. Top to bottom, that win was fantastic, and the Lakers were completely outclassed.

It was the end to a great day for me personally - I had a fun day with AJ, won a bunch of money on centsports and went over the $12 mark, had a hard-fought 1-1 tie in my soccer league tonight (and played my best soccer since the league started, plus Sarah and AJ watched!) and the Sox K'd Ryan Howard 4 times tonight and got a nice 3-0 win in Philly.

Now, Sweden needs to get a win or tie against Russia tomorrow to go through to the quarters... even if they will face the best team in the tournament thusfar, the Netherlands. Lets go Henrik!


Gregg said...

Boston: Where Championships Happen

Kristin Mullins said...

Yay Celtics! I watched that interview and I too wanted to get that lady away from KG. What a dork she was. It was GREAT to see his reaction though. Congrats on a good soccer game too! Yay Mike!! Love ya

PJV said...
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PJV said...

Ok so I'm a little behind since I haven't been around the past few nights..as I have been in Denver CO for the week. (Which by the way is awsome!!!) As great as Fenway is and the Boston energy, it was nice to just chill at a game at Coors Field. And being a Geologist the Rocky MTs are F***ing spectacular.

As for the Celts, it is still unbelievable. We started watching the game at ESPN Zone in downtown Denver. It was awsome to watch it with a bunch of complete strangers in another city all routing for the Celtics. I don't know why, its just a different feeling. Then since some of the other non-MASS people that were with us needed to get back to the Hotel, we finished at the Lonestar next tot he hotel. Again with a bunch of stangers, but it was nice to just sit and watch the post game stuff calm so it could sink in....it still hasn't. #17!!!!!

PJV said...

Oh yeah and the most ironic thing in the world happened. While going to the Rockies game we wanted to find a nearby pub for some grub. Leave it to the Bostonians to find the RED SOX Bar down the road from Coors field in friggin Denver.

If you ever are in town, I recommend Blake Street Tavern.