Strange Start

I don't know if you have ever had a week sort of stolen from you, but its really odd to try and get back into things. After being at DC Children's for 4 days with time sort of standing still, it was almost as if instead of time just starting again on Friday, it slowly increased speed until we caught back up to the speed of every day life. I don't know if that makes any sense, but I'll attempt to explain.

After leaving the hospital, Sarah and I went to Bethesda so that Aunt Jessie could hug her nephew. She was really wonderful to us, and also upset seeing her little buddy all strapped in at the hospital. We thought the best gift we could give (besides the suitcase of dirty clothes we were returning) was a smiling AJ, who promptly fell asleep in her arms. From there we attempted to get on the Beltway around 4:00, which is sub-optimal. Our 2 hour ride was closer to 3 and a half, but we were home and happy. The next few days I taught a bit, we saw J Ro and "the Barhights," got some Wii Fit workouts in and also managed to get AJ in to see Dr. Funk for a hospital follow-up. The events all occurred somewhere in the Fri-Sun time period, but I can barely recall when. When I woke up today (for the second time, after waking with AJ, feeding him, and snuggling him to sleep) and Sarah was still here with me, it just felt like a Sunday. Trying to do some backwards calendar math, it seemed like only a day or so had passed - like we were still going in slo-mo while the world kept on whizzing along. Today was busy; we met with Aidan's new neurologist Dr. Bean (yes, Aidan's two doctors are Funk and Bean), got our financial plan from our advisers, and I did some tutoring and office hours at Kaplan.

It's just now, writing this, that I finally feel comfortable with the actual day of the week. It is Monday night right? Tomorrow Aidan and I are back at the DDC alone together for the first time in more than a week, and to be honest I am excited. We have some things to get done tomorrow, but there is also a healthy dose of loving my boy scheduled. The evening is when the real excitement comes though. I have my first game for my new soccer team, the Wanderers. I played in an indoor pickup league put on by the Concord Soccer Association, and one of the organizers vouched for my footie acumen to get me onto an established squad in the New Castle Men's League. So psyched! I will be sure to record the game in my Wii Fit activities log...

Sometime soon I have an AWESOME picture post coming, but in the mean time check out Kick's page and go view her new galleries: AJ in MA, Look Park, and the new puppy!



Kristin Mullins said...

I am excited to hear that normalcy is starting to come back into your life. I can't even tell you how relieved I am to know that you are all ok and back at home. I love you guys very much!!! : )

Sarah said...

yay funky bean