Grab Bag

Here is a random assortment of thoughts for your "enjoyment."

- Are there worse uniforms than the orange jerseys with masking-tape-esque letters and powder blue socks? I was really shocked that they bombed Italy 3-0 today. Surprised, and very pleased. I have never liked the Italian "1-0" philosophy.

- Tomorrow I have another soccer game with the Wanderers. On the one hand, I am super excited to play. I made my way to the Soccer Shop and got some much needed shorts and a new Adidas Tango, and I cant wait to get a touch on it. However, its supposed to be 97 degrees tomorrow. Talk about ambivalence. I'll make sure my affairs are in order in case I literally die on the pitch.

- Today Sarah and I tried to sweat a few pounds off. One of her colleagues is finishing up residency and moving to New Zealand, resulting in a fire sale of their stuff. We snagged wrought iron patio furniture (table and 4 chairs), 2 chaise lounges for the yard, a 6' bookcase, an overstuffed futon, a couch and ottoman, and 2 blue end tables. Adding in the rental truck and gas, all that cost us about $200. Much of it will end up in the finished basement, but the deck furniture and the futon (extra place to sleep) are really solid acquisitions. Plus, worst case scenario we have a couch to use until our sectional gets delivered. We didnt want to drive all the way to our storage facility in the traffic, so we cannibalized our dining room, took apart the dining room table and packed everything in. Its about 2 weeks until we move it, so no big deal.

- Aidan is doing great, but it seems the heat is affecting him. We have the AC going and he spends most of the time naked, but he's been sleeping the days away. I cant wait until next week when the pool is open every day. We will surely be taking advantage while we are here!

- Can't wait to get a look at Spain tomorrow, and my favorite side, Sweden, takes on current holders Greece. I can't wait for tomorrow!


Sarah said...

" i hearby bequeth my wii to ..."

Nikki said...

its been awhile since we've chatted so i thought i'd come by, see what you guys have been up to, and say hello! Glad to see everyones doing well...and HELLO!

Kristin Mullins said...

Sounds like you guys made out well! That is awesome. It is SUPER hot today. My kiddos and I barely escaped melting into our tables and chairs. It was gross!!

jess said...

hey how much does DDC cost? can we drop Duxbury off June 23rd? :)