5 Things I Like

1) Celtics winning game 1, with long-time Celtic, leading scorer, and captain Paul Pierce providing the spark in the 3rd after returning from injury.

2) Skinny Cow and Slim-a-Bear ice cream sandwiches. I have to give the slight edge to the Bear, because they taste very similar and have a few less calories. One of the best snacks ever!

3) AJ's first beach day is tomorrow! Sarah has Friday off (somehow!) and we are off to Rehoboth. Yes, there will be pictures. I will send some via Moby, and upload others.

4) The Wanderers, my new soccer team. Even though we got drubbed 4-1, the game was closer than the score (one bad penalty and a junk time goal), and it really is a good bunch of guys.

5) There are a few new vids in the Four Months gallery that you may find here. I also started the 5 month gallery, and you can click here to see it.