Where's Mortimer?

Lately, its been like Picture Pages on this blog. Thats the consequence of being out and about so much, but its also the best thing about Moby picture posts.

Anyways, I thought I'd quickly re-cap the weekend, and then post the spring/summer travel plans - we are going to be a busy family!

Friday we drove up to WMass, and I will decline to discuss the abysmal 2 hours spent traversing 25 exits in CT. That evening we just relaxed while Gramma Jo, Grampa Gary and Aunt K got some Aidan time in. Saturday was the big picnic, but if you are reading this blog you were probably there. I was so happy everyone could make it, even if I did feel sorta schizophrenic at times trying to talk to everyone. Really, thats a good problem to have, too many people you love in one place. There are pictures of the event coming soon, and I will link to others' galleries as well.

Sunday also ended up being relaxed, with all the half-cooked plans fading away resulting in a very welcome and reposeful day at 45 Vladish. Monday Sarah got her Momma's Day treat: a soak at East Heaven Hot Tubs, and a 30 minute massage at Paradise Day Spa in Northampton. Of course, I did get me steak and cheese (see picture below), and we went to Faces and Thorne's. I could have spent a ton of money at Cedar Chest Kids, but Sarah dragged me out with limited damage to the bank account. That night we headed over to the farm to play with Mia and her parents. Breinn added some leftover prime rib to the spaghetti sauce she made, and I was delighted. The agenda was very similar the next night, but we traded a Phil for a Heather, and I brought Village pizza (I am still so mad that I left my leftovers at Matty's). I gave Matty a tour of the Wii, Heather beat up on him in tennis, and Sarah got her hands dirty with some Wario Ware - it was a great night.

The drive back was much better: Tappan Zee and Garden State Parkway, 4 stops for AJ and his parents, a slowdown in NJ and 6 total hours. After getting back we mustered our energy and made it to Sarah's residents day event and were rewarded with free beer, burgers, ribs, a live band and bocce. Solid.

This is post is long enough as it is, so here is the future post lineup:
- Spring/Summer schedule
- My anniversary present: a Toys R Us shopping spree for AJ
- Top Ten Aidan nicknames
- Movie reviews, Wii and DS wish list
- Picture post

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