Trivial Things

Its amazing how it feels to lay my healthy baby down in his own crib, and turn my attention to completely trivial things. Sarah and I watched Home Movies episodes we had DVR'ed while lazily munching Wheat Thins on the couch. I check on my brutal losing streak on Centsports. I checked up on Euro 2008 (which starts in 8 days!!) and added a link on the right. I also started to add the Wii Fit unlockables list, but then was too lazy to hook the Wii back up and see which activities I had 4 stars in. Now, I am writing a post so boring, I am shocked you got this far.

The long and the short of it? After arriving home with my wonderful wife and healthy boy and checking the messages from supportive friends and family, everything seems a little better tonight.


Sarah said...

my own trivial thing...yay my own underwear!