I have told just about anyone who might be reading this that I am excited for Wii Fit. Its due out this month, and Sarah and I are getting as an anniversary present to each other. She loves to work out, and I love video games, and this just might be the answer!

There are two other games that have really caught my eye, and once I have played Brawl and Kart enough to need a break, I will surely pick up one of these titles. Before revealing these two games, let's start with a little back story. I really like games that encourage creativity. I confess to owning not one, but two Yu-Gi-Oh games, and I have spent many hours coming up with crazy deck concepts and playing them against people online to see how they fare. Ina similar vein, one of my favorite titles of all time is actually Magic Pengel, where you create doodles that would fight pokemon-style battles with each other. My roster of fighters included a helicopter with working rotors, and Meatwad from ATHF. The quest mode was fun, and the bosses eventually got really challenging - but I loved unlocking more parts and colors and making new doodles. (Never did play Graffiti Kingdom but it might be a good bargain bin find one day)

So, when I 1st heard of Blast Works I was pretty excited. In short, its a 2D side-scrolling space shooter, but destroyed ship parts attach themselves to your ship if you catch them. Some of the gameplay videos in the link above show the monstrous ships you can end up with. But far and away the best part is the editor, where you can build ships, enemies, and even entire levels and send them to friends or upload them to a server for others to download. Literally limitless possibilities.

Boom Blox is a game that I wasn't too sure about until I saw this video preview. The video is long, but check out the beginning for a quick intro, then watch at the 1:27 mark for the level editor which looks awesome. After that it goes through the whole tutorial, and even shows you some of the multiplayer game modes. I like the "grab" feature at 4:54 in the video, it looks like some satisfying destruction.

Thats all for now, time to try and beat the 100CC Special Cup before AJ wakes up for snacks. Stupid Rainbow Road - on a bike no less...


Kristin Mullins said...

I love your title of this blog. : ) Also, Wii Fit is a one player thing right?

14 said...

Because there is only 1 balance board, I think its 1-playerish, but I am sure they have some modes that work. From the preview: "Aerobic exercises include hula hoop, step basics, jogging, and two-player jogging, the latter of which can be played cooperatively as long as you have two Wii Remotes. By putting the remote in your pocket and jogging on the spot, Wii Fit is able to monitor your burn rate and advises you how fast to run to minimise the strain on your muscles." The also mention that its easy to compete in short games locally.

Sarah said...

one thing I am worried about: what if my Mi gets really fit, but I stay fat? :)