Overplus of Attention

So, Sarah and I were backtracking over the last few weeks with AJ: Kansas City, Aunt K, Jessie & Phil's, Doug & Pam's BBQ, Gram and Gramp... Its basically been a stream of adoring friends and relatives (not to mention strangers who love him too).

What effect could this possibly have on a Mullins boy? He ate it up of course. Its almost as if this son of mine always need to be the center of attention. He constantly needs to be entertained. Nothing ever.. seems to be... enough. Hm...

OK, at this point in time I'd like to apologize to all of you making you put up with me for all these years. I mean, I wont be stopping, but I'm sorry for doing it thus far.

Faced with a very needy little guy today, we decided to do something fun. I saddled him up in his high chair, and we had a Toy Tournament! The 8 entrants were seeded based on current popularity, and they faced off against one another, vying for AJs attention. To ensure that placement on the tray wasnt a factor, there were 2 "halves" in each match. Winning usually meant Aidan would put the toy in his mouth, but a few matches ended with the winning toy being slung around with great fervor. I captured all of the excitement in photos - and I uploaded a ton tonight. You can either click the slideshow to the right to open the Four Months album, or start with the Toy Tournemant Round One.

I also put up all the pics Kris took of the house during our inspection. She basically put Aidan on every chair in the house! New pics start with our sweet bar.

Im Out.


Sarah said...

here we go crinkles, here we go!