Hey Boy!

I know you guys are just on the edge of your seats, waiting for the promised posts. I've also considered the possibility, of course, that you couldn't care less, and you just surf here when your job bores you to tears.

In any case, I added AJ's top 10 nicknames to the sidebar, so check it out. I did consider the fact that some names may require explanation. "Aidan Pie" is easily Sarah's #1 name; its pretty darn cute hearing her call him that, but when I say it I sound sorta creepy. "Puffy" is actually short for "Puffalump," which made it on the list as well. Here are a few pictures. It makes sense - he's pretty darn cuddly sometimes. Wiggles pretty accurately reflects his activity level, and nugget pretty accurately reflects my love of 20 pieces from McDonalds. I have no idea why I call him "Nugget sandwich."

I thought that I would also post our spring and summer schedule for you guys to see, but to be honest looking at it makes me dizzy. Next up is a BBQ down in Middletown to celebrate Biggs being able to rent a car with no penalty (thats a 25th birthday party for those of you who needed a helper on that one).



Sarah said...

i swear that the "aidan pie" nickname is innocent....muwahhahah