Check photos off the list

First off, new pics are up.

There are new pictures in the phone gallery that start here.

The last batch of pics that will fit in the 4 month gallery start here. Yes, the picnic photos are in that group.

I also put up all the pictures I snapped at the Third Eye Blind concert that Sarah won us front row tickets for. Some are better than others, but they capture how fun the show was I think.

One other thing, notice I added a link to check out Mia photos. I am waiting to hear if Sibber has anything set up for Reid or not.

Thats about all for tonight. I am still thinking about the C's game 7 win, and my horrible failings on CentSports. Earlier I snuck in about an hour of reading, and unlocked 2 more staff ghosts in Kart (up to 26/32!). Now I am going to try and find something to snack on, and check on the sleeping nugget in the other room. Boring self-narration over.