Odds and Ends

I used to love the bulleted lists on Beguilement, and really I haven't changed at all.

- Lusting after Mario Kart Wii is difficult, but today I logged onto SSBBPlayers.com to find a match and everyone was having connection problems. Then while trying to find someone who could connect, everyone was telling me how great Kart is online. Ah, that familiar equation, salt + wound.

- While I am thinking about Wii, a few quick reviews.

Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games: Boring

Sega Superstars Tennis: Boring

- I've been DVR-ing My Name Is Earl reruns, and I am a big fan. I never really catch sitcoms on their first run, but I am just about done with Scrubs and I am happy to find another show to take its place.

- Buying a house is exhausting, but the sellers just agreed to fix the stuff we wanted fixed on our addendum to the sales contract, and the radon and termite inspections were all passed. I am not sure what exactly comes next, but I have given notice to our leasing office and shifted into full-on excited mode.

Thats about it, I will try to keep up the post frequency...


Sarah said...

thanks for giving notice...i wasn't sure we weren't going to live in a cardboard box if we gave notice too soon :)

14 said...

Sometimes I can even do things without being told! I'm such a grown-up.