It begins anew...

Sarah and I just returned from Kansas City, and AJ is letting me know he isn't happy about being dragged off into the midwest. Now, you need to understand two things about this trip (you of course being either Aidan, to whom the following defenses are sort of aimed, or you the reader, already rolling your eyes at the "literary" devices I am employing thusfar). First, it was Sarah's Valentine's Day present. I mean really, why go to Kansas City for a day and a half? Second, Aidan was *amazing* the whole time we were there. He was quiet on the planes and in the restaurants. He elicited oohs and ahhs from fellow travelers. I really could not have asked for anything more from the champ.

Here's the problem though. Now he's pissed. We traipsed halfway across the country and back with him, and then tried to take him out to eat with Aunt Kristin whose flight arrived the same time ours did. Now he's hot, possibly sick, disoriented, and generally annoyed with us. And really, can you blame him? (I've clearly gotten away from Aidan as the possible "you" from earlier. Let me return to addressing him.)

Buddy, I'm sorry. I hope taking off your onesie (FYI if you spell check "onesie," Indonesia comes up), letting you wiggle on your fuzzy blanket, walking around the living room, having 17 pulls from a bottle, sitting through a failed attempt at burping, getting changed, lying down watching the mobile with your taggy blanket, screaming and then getting a ride in the baby bjorn, refusing to fall asleep and having 4 ounces to eat, sitting in my lap, bouncing in my lap, looking like you might spit up in my lap, laughing at me, laying down in the crib with your crinkle duck and a pacifier, turning 90 degrees in the crib and yelling at me, doing several laps around the living room and kitchen, standing next to the open freezer to cool off (while dad wonders if its a good thing that he passed on his BTU generating gene), and finally laying down to sleep will make you feel better.

Translation? I am a bit worn down by AJ tonight, and I decided to pull the trigger on an idea thats been in the back of my mind for a while now - revisiting the blogosphere. I was wondering if I would hate that word after I typed it, and yes, I do. Anyways, I don't really know what you (once again, the reader) can expect from this site. I promise that not all posts will be quite so self-indulgent and obnoxiously snarky. Ok, thats a lie, but I promise to try and make them somewhat interesting. Well, interesting if you like hearing about my son, sports and videogames.

I suppose I will get into some other stuff eventually, like Day 1 of the NBA playoffs or the wonder that is SSBB online, but for now I am going to tinker with the blog options a bit and then check on the Champ. Feel free/encouraged to comment. Stuff like the Shootout, Cent Sports and this website all have the common characteristic of cheap and easy communication with people that I should talk to more often anyways.



Brian said...

Less talk - more cute pictures of "the champ"

scott said...

I finally won a wager and I collected .093 cents from a "crony"
Centsports rules. Reid is looking forward to meeting AJ in a couple weeks.

14 said...

Biggs - added Moby pics which will likely be Aidan heavy in the future. Also, if you click on the slideshow you can see all of the Aidan pics.

Sibber - glad you like Centsports. I can't wait for some time to chill with Reid and see whats around the corner in Aidan's life.