Day 2 (aka Flurry of Activity)

By way of explanation:

1) Moby Picture allows me to send a picture message that gets converted automatically into a new post on my blog. The funny hat picture of Kristin was just a test from my living room, but I sent the picture of my new house while the structural engineer was supervising the work being done in the garage attic. Its a pretty sweet function, so expect around 1/2 the posts to be pics.

2) Twitter (in the sidebar) is a "social networking" site that basically allows a 140 character post to be made from anywhere. You can log into twitter, send a chat from gmail, or send a text from your phone. They are sort of like micro-updates, but if any of you do it as well it could be another fun way to keep in touch. Some of my "tweets" will contain the same paltry attempts at humor my full posts do, but other times I will just be posting about whats going on at the DDC.

3) Cent Sports is a sports betting website where they hook you with a dime every time your account balance is zero. You can cash out if you ever get over $20. Sign up, add me as your crony. The best part is that you can see and comment on all of your friends bets. I have had WAY more fun on this site than I thought I ever would (thanks Sammmack).


Those are the things I had received questions about. With that out of the way...

Kristin got a full compliment of "Adult Mike" today. I was on the phone with my realtor quite a bit, we took AJ to his 4 month appointment, we hit the grocery store together, she came to the inspection with the engineer, and of course she came to unwind (along with the doctor-wife) at Timothy's in Newark. All of those things went very, very well. The Champ is still pretty much off the charts in height and weight and Dr. Funk was very happy with his activity level and developmental milestones. He called him an "overachiever" several times - which rocks. Then, as I feel like I have said over and over, our inspection went well and the house was given a clean bill of structural health. Kristin took a lot of pictures, which I will put up soon so you can all check out the house.

Also, thanks to those of you who commented or emailed about the website. I think i will enjoy doing this again, especially with twitter and moby allowing me small updates when I don't have it in me to write a whole post. So check out the sidebar, join twitter or centsports, and drop back in often.