Being Stationary Rocks

This was a really busy weekend, and although most of it was fun, I can't possibly overstate the alacrity with which I approached this recliner. Friday night we headed down to Jessie & Phil's so everyone could get their hands on Aidan, but also to shorten up our drive the next day. I've never quite had so much fun playing Gin - The Kerns and I played until about 4:30 am, coincident with a killer game of Name That Tune on radio1045.com and dc101.com.

Saturday was one of those days that we had so much to do, we had no idea if it would work or not. First we went to Doug and Pam's engagement party in Gaithersburg. It was a really cool event, and it actually made me even more excited for the Look Park plans. There weren't many Dukies that I knew, but seeing those two looking so happy was great, and AJ got to be the star of the show.

With that park in our rear view mirror, we drove all the way back home to gear up, then dropped Aidan off with Jim and Katie in Runnemede. They are hard at work getting ready for their own little guy, but they were happy to watch ours. As you may have gathered from the Twitter updates, we saw Lavelle Crawford at the House of Blues in Atlantic City. The show was only ok to be honest, but we had a handful of beers, and I had the best date ever - so we had a great time. The highlight of the whole night was the food at the restaurant though: Rosemary skillet cornbread and baked mac and cheese. Seriously slamming.

Today we had a sleepy breakfast with Jim and Katie, made some plans for next weekend (baby shower for the ladies, play date for the guys) and headed home. 2 classes and 6 hours of teaching later, I was finally able to squeeze Aidan and visit with Grampa Don and Gramma Ellen. It all seems like too much sometimes, but neither Sarah or I would have it any other way. We are just lucky to have a baby so well-behaved that he puts up with us!

Later peoples.