AJ in WMass

So, I am generally a fan of irony, even when it happens to me. Its such a devious device that you can't help but be amused when life tortures you a little. Except when its the same "irony," over and over. Then its no longer ironic. Then its annoying.

Hm, I am going home for a few days, lets see if the Sox are in town and maybe I can wrangle tickets. Ok, they are away at Minnesota, and away... at Baltimore. Really? This is like the 5th time the Sox have been in B-More or Philly when I have been in MA.

Lets check on the Revs... ok, away at Chivas. At least they aren't openly mocking me by playing 60 minutes from my house. Citysearch and Pollstar provided very little inspiration, leading me to believe that there will be no major events while Gramma Jo babysits Aidan.

However, that may not be all bad. I would love to chip and chutt barefoot. I havent seen a movie at the Small in forever. I would love to bring out the bocce set at Look Park and fire up the grill. Who's with me? We will be up from 5/9-5/12 (driving back on the 13th).

Hit me up.


Kristin Mullins said...

I love that your tweet says that you wish Lucky Charms were good for you. I TOTALLY AGREE!!
Anyway, you KNOW I will be there to visit and I think your Look Park idea is fantastic. I think Craig might even be interested in something like that. We should make a date with Sib and Betsy to take the little ones there. You guys can play and I can babysit!! : ) Love ya!
Umm..I need to fill in a word verification to post this and it is nhmhuu Gotta love 'em!