DJ: What is the last base you touch before home plate?
Sarah: Third base.
DJ: What us the symbol for CBS?
Sarah: The eye.
DJ: Name a type of window treatment that starts with "mini."
Sarah: Blinds.
DJ: Now, put them all together?
Sarah: Third...Eye...Blind? Third Eye Blind!

Thats why we were in the front row tonight for 3EB, Sarah won tickets from the local radio station. She called me after she won the tickets, and I got to hear her on the air because they had taped the call. The second best part? (1st being the awesome concert of course) Sarah said "Oh this is great, my husband stays home with our new baby, and he loves Third Eye Blind." Do I have the best wife, or what?

Anyways, we rolled into the Opera House in Wilmington a bit after 8, and Absentstar was already on. I was actually pretty impressed with them, and I told Sarah that I was going to check out their new album: Absentstar - Sea Trials
She responded "I would have bet a million bucks you'd say that."

I'll spare you the whole concert run-down, but they played all of my favorite songs, 4 songs off of the album they are headed to the studio to record, and even saved "How's it Going to Be" for the encore. I also saw four of my old Kaplan students and they are ALL med school bound. It felt so great to see all of them.

To cap it off, Sarah snagged a guitar pick (for you Jessie!) and the lead guitar player's set list (which I am thinking of putting up behind the bar in our new house). Really I don't know how it could have been a better night.

I'm off to find some Tylenol